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Default Printing Issue: Office products don't print. Other apps do

Been on this problem for three days now...

Printing from other apps [e.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader, Photoshop] on this PC and from other PC's in my network [Word etc works...] to my networked printer and all is fine.

Windows 10. Office 2016.

1. Reinstalled the printer driver

2. Cleared out the spooler.

3. Compared the Registry entries between PC's ... Difficult to judge whether I've seen all the relevant entries [there is no apparent definitive list] But all looks OK.

3. Rebooted the PC [several times]

4. Reinstalled [both local and online] the Office suite.

5. Printing to another printer from this PC ... all the same results.

Using the 'Print Management' viewer and deliberately using a word document that has printing outside the margins, I can see the print job in the queue [word is waiting for me to agree to the print]. On agreeing, the print job just disappears.

Same document, different PC... prints fine.

I suspect that the working Applications [and PC's] on this PC are taking a different path to the printer, but I can't see that....

One potential indicator is that in the extended view of the Print Managment dialog, I've added the 'Port' column. When printing [from, say, Photoshop], the Port briefly shows as the job is processed. From Word, I see no Port entry.

What changed? It's possible that when I installed BT Cloud phone for Skype for Business [An Office 365 based product], that that installation changed something... but that's the only change I've made recently.
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