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Default Create an part order form in Access

Good morning. I have been searching around the internet trying to figure this out. I am new to Access so it's all kind of confusing to me so far. Basically what I need is to create a form in Access that people can fill out that will list items that they need. I have a complete list of the available parts that I currently have on hand. This list includes:
  • Part Number
  • Description
  • Manufacture
  • Manufacture Item Number
They will also need to be able to add this information for items that are not currently on my current list. My initial thought would be that the person could do a search for the item, for instance using the Manufacture Item Number or a key word in the part description, for example "bearing". When the part is found maybe they click a button that adds it to the list of needed items. They will manually add some information to the order, for instance their name and where the item will be used (a machine number). If anyone could point me in the right direction this would be a huge help to me! I work in a parts crib in a factory and the current system for someone to request items to be ordered is clunky at best using a very outdated Excel sheet. This project could also be done in Excel, I only wanted Access because I have seen some very nice forms made in it that look and seem very functional. Thanks for taking the time to read this!!!
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