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That explains the "nothing" format.

I have a particular type of document that requires a table with two columns. "Topic" and "See Page". It is sort of a ToC but it has to be in this format. I now have your code working properly so can move onto the table when I get a chance over the next few days.

My thinking is that I can find the number of items in the array, and create a table with that number + 1 rows. The top row is the header. I can then populate the left-hand column from the array. I will create a cross-reference in the right-hand column.

It sounds a lot of work when Word has options for different ToC but that is what is required. On another level, it is a learning exercise which I enjoy. I have used VBA in Access for decades and consider myself well above average but Word is a whole new ballgame. Glad you have been able to assist. I appreciate your help.
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