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Default Office Pro 2016 Outlook Doesn't Download Emails

Here's one for you....I have a "" email address (actually 3).

For whatever reason emails that show up on the web email take a LONG TIME (over 15 hours) before I can get them with Microsoft Office 2016 Pro Outlook!

I've deleting and reentering the email accounts, get a "Test Sent" but then never receive it, unless I go to the AT&T (powered by Yahoo!) web email, and "viola" there it is.

This screen shot tells the tale. Note there are several emails in the web site email INBOX, yet at the same time, after doing a send/receive in Outlook 2016, those emails are not downloaded.

If you look real close you can see the last email downloaded to Outlook was 15:09 on April 1st. Looking at the web email inbox shows two more on Apr 1, and 3 on Apr 2, that arrived on the server 12 hours EARLIER yet didn't show up on the Outlook download.

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