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Default Question re: MS Office 2013

Back in the day, my Dell Tablet ( running Windows 8.0 at the time) came with MS Office 2013. Due to running out of free space, (on a 32 Gig hard drive), I had to remove Office. And that was the end of that.

My wife and I were cleaning out some boxes and I found the "activator key" in a pouch. No disk.

1) I found on-line, MS Office 2013 download and MS Office 2013 H & S.
The key says H & S. Will the key work with either one or only the H & S version.

2) Since I have the key, will it still work now if I try to install this to my laptop running Win 10?

3) If it does work, is 2013 worth installing? I'm currently using LibreOffice but am tired of saving to *.odt format instead of *.docx.
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