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Hi, thank you for your replies. Unfortunately, I've tried to make the change with your suggestions, but with no success. The letterhead template that I have is a Word document, that seems to show the top and bottom parts of the letterhead as some sort of watermark. I do not have access to the separate images in order to input them into a header/footer.

When I add a second page after the first, it still shows the letterhead template. So, for multi-page reports, in order to make the document a PDF, I have to print the first page on our pre-printed letterhead paper, then the rest on blank paper, then scan the entire document as a PDF.

I've spoken with our web designer who put together the Word letterhead template for us, and he said he isn't aware of any way to do what I'm asking - to have blank pages after the letterhead template (not using the header/footer function).
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