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Default How to create something like a flowchart, but not really a flowchart (for grammatical analysis).

Hi guys!

I've tried to search around the internet for some answers, but I can't really seem to find what I'm looking for...

It's really wierd and very specific, which is probably why I can't find anything on the internet...

I'm studying Japanese at the University of Copenhagen, and we're grammatically analyzing a lot of sentences, which can be very confusing from time to time.
My teacher shows some examples on her computer, which looks like this:

I want to do that, but in a more automated way or like a flowchart or something.
I just want it easier than to just type it out at different heights and draw a line over and over again... (which is how my teacher does it)

I've tried doing stuff in Excel, but can't quite get it to be what I want...

Then I tried using flowcharts in Word, but that was even more confusing and time consuming... It looks like this:

What I'm looking for might not even exist, but if you have any suggestions I'd really appreciate it
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