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Default How to print what you really want

Project has to be about the worst product around for WYSIWYG printing.

How do I really get what I want when I print? I'm trying to print a Gantt chart on an E size plotter. I've tried every combination of zoom and timescale settings possible when you right click in the timescale on the Gantt chart. All I want to do is print out the range of tasks from a specific date to the end of the project and have it scaled onto one sheet. Invariably one of two things happens. Either I only get part of the project and am missing the last months, or I get the whole project but it is printed as a narrow band (e.g, the project ends in Mar 2006, but it prints the date scale into 2007) and the entire project is squeezed into the leftmost part of the Gantt view and the right part is just dates with no activity since there are really no tasks there.

All I want to be able to do is tell it that I want to print all activities between two dates and have it scale to fit the page. I have no idea what logic it uses (if any) to decide what to actually print.

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