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Default Line thickness changes during Paste Special Enhanced Metafile

I used to use Visio 2010 to create a drawing for insertion into Word (or Excel) by Copy / Paste Special as 'Picture (Enhanced Metafile)'. This always resulted in a faithful rendering of shapes, text and lines, with line weights correctly preserved. Now using the same process in Visio 2016 Pro the drawings lose a lot of detail and clarity; small text (<8pt) becomes blocky; lines of less than 3/4 pt are rendered as 3/4pt in the displayed metafile. A similar fault occurs if the Visio drawing is embedded as a Visio object, but if the 'Enhanced Metafile' is put into a text box in the Word Document then the line thicknesses are preserved, although all text is shown thinner.

The same problem exists if the drawing is Copy / Paste Specialed back into the Visio sheet. However, Paste Special back into Visio as 'Visio 2003-2010 Drawing Data' preserves all formatting.

Is it me or is there a 'feature' at work here?
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