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Default Catalog Merge in Publisher error: "This data source contains no visible tables"

I need some help with resolving this error when attempting to set up a Catalog Merge in a Publisher document. I've found via some online searching that this is a common error across a range of MS applications (Excel, Word, etc.) and database formats (Access, Excel, etc.) when merging data into a document, but I cannot find a solution for this problem specifically for Publisher, and for Catalog Merges. (I'm using Publisher and Excel 2016 versions on Windows 10 Home).

I've set up some Catalog Pages in the document, with a corresponding Catalog Merge Area, and then used Add List > Use an existing list to set up the connection to my remote data source via the Data Connection Wizard. I'm using the ODBC DSN data source type (because this needs to be portable for other users on other computers). My data source is an Excel worksheet. I've gone through all the steps (multiple times, resulting in the same error), and the data connection seems to be set up properly, but at the final step in the Data Connection Wizard, I get an error popup error: "This data source contains no visible tables"

So, apparently this is the cause of the error: "This issue occurs because the ODBC driver used to connect to the data source perceives the worksheets in your Excel workbook as system tables and does not display them. System tables are objects in database files that are not displayed by default."

( help forum citation )

So, the only solution I've found in my searching seems to apply to data merges in Word or Excel (not Publisher), and using the Merge Wizard (which I'm not using because, apparently, the only way to set up a Catalog Merge doesn't use the wizard, but rather the Add List > Use an existing list method.) From that same help forum: "In the Table Options dialog box, click to select the System Tables check box, and then click OK."

I can find no way in Publisher with Catalog Merge to fix this. Is there a solution for this? Or is this function in Publisher - Catalog Merge simply completely broken? Apparently this issue has been present for a number of years, across different versions of Publisher (as well as data merges in Excel and Word), and apparently still not fixed.

Any help is much appreciated.
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