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Default VBA code to save to individual files and skipif function

Hi all,

I am using the following VBA code to save mailmerge records to individual files:

Application.ScreenUpdating = False
Dim StrFolder As String, StrName As String, MainDoc As Document, i As Long, j As Long
Const StrNoChr As String = """*./\:?|"
Set MainDoc = ActiveDocument
With MainDoc
  StrFolder = .Path & Application.PathSeparator
  For i = 1 To .MailMerge.DataSource.RecordCount
    With .MailMerge
      .Destination = wdSendToNewDocument
      .SuppressBlankLines = True
      With .DataSource
        .FirstRecord = i
        .LastRecord = i
        .ActiveRecord = i
        If Trim(.DataFields("Dossier")) = "" Then Exit For
        'StrFolder = .DataFields("Folder") & Application.PathSeparator
        StrName = .DataFields("Dossier") & "_" & .DataFields("Aanvrager")
      End With
      .Execute Pause:=False
    End With
      For j = 1 To Len(StrNoChr)
        StrName = Replace(StrName, Mid(StrNoChr, j, 1), "_")
    StrName = Trim(StrName)
    With ActiveDocument
    .SaveAs FileName:=StrFolder & StrName & ".docx", FileFormat:=wdFormatXMLDocument, AddToRecentFiles:=False
    '.SaveAs FileName:=StrFolder & StrName & ".pdf", FileFormat:=wdFormatPDF, AddToRecentFiles:=False
        .Close savechanges:=False
    End With
  Next i
End With
Application.ScreenUpdating = True
This code works fine, but I get an error message ("Runtime error - 5631; Word could not merge the main document with the data source because the data records were empty or no data records matched your query options") when one of the records matches the SKIPIF conditions. Is there any way to solve this?


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