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Default PP for dummies, 1st post

ok I remember back years ago using PP if you wanted a slide with a few bullets you needed to copy the slide, and each on add what was next, add your transition, etc. so when you were done, a simple presentation could be 10-20 slides.

I am back ... now running office 2011 on a mac and PP is beautiful, and I need a simple presentation with some basic info. The 1st is 3 questions with 2-3 answers each. Now did PP make an easier way to do what I want via a bulleted list or something as one slide 3 questions 2 answers for each is now a 9 slide presentation.

I know it sounds silly, but then one change could make me change it 8 other times, etc. so I am thinking they had to have a way to add an 'object' or something which has the 3 questions/answers, etc.

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