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Question OneNote Sync Issues in Large Shared Folder Structure

I'm looking for advice on how to resolve a OneNote performance issue where OneNote fails to finish synchronizing across all the folders in a very large shared folder structure. Here are the salient points:

1. We want to use OneNote for multiple reasons, including reference information for what types of information & files are in different folders at each level of the infrastructure. Of course, we want this information to be searchable at every level.

2. There are currently 3500+ folders, and it will probably grow to more than 15,000 folders as we consolidate multiple share drive locations into a single structure.

3. Every user who has tried to open OneNote files at any level of the structure just waits and waits, and most of the time OneNote is not able to return any content.

4. There may be permissions issues involved, but I'm curious if anyone can shed light on whether that would be much of a problem. A few of the folders in the bowels of the folder structure are locked down so that most users can't see them. (I suspect that this should not be an issue, even if those inaccessible folders do have OneNote files in them.)

5. We are starting to look at using SharePoint as the backend to OneNote. The purpose here is to see if we can make OneNote sync with SharePoint and not scour the entire folder structure looking for changes. Has this been done, or is this a worthwhile direction to explore?

Any comments, questions and advice are welcome.

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