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Default Dreadful Video Quality in Powerpoint Video


I wish to save my presentation as a movie so I can burn it to DvD for the presentation. It is not possible to have the Macbook with me for the presentation, so this is the best option.

When I click Save As Movie, I choose Current Screen Size, Loop Movie, Follow Slide Show Settings (under transitions) and Quality under Optimization.

Yet the resulting .mov file is simply dreadful. If I bring the .mov file into anything to play it, let's say VLC or even into burning software to burn it to DvD, it is horribly pixelated, yet I have used high res 300ppi images and even created some slides in Photoshop, logo etc; all look disgraceful after Powerpoint has finished with them, yet look great when the slideshow play in Powerpoint. They have been jpeg compressed down to a reasonable size each, say 500kb. Each image is designed for 16:9 display. The images are 1920px x 1080px

Am I barking up the wrong tree thinking this piece of software can handle this sort of thing, or am I missing something? Happy to use something else if it is not up to the4 task.

I have Office 2011 and my iMac is on El Capitan, so OS X 10.11.6

Any help gladly accepted. I just need a DvD that I can burn as autoplay and have it loop through all the transitions....but I need it to be high res, as it will be playing on an HD TV at 16:9

Thanks in advance
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