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Default Publisher printing colors scewed


I have a file built in Office Publisher 2007. It has a light biege background but for some reason it prints out almost green. I'm trying to figure out why this is.

Some things we've tried:

We've tried callibrating the printer. It's a Canon multi-purpose network printer and we've had two tech guys in. They both say there's nothing wrong with the printer.

I've tried printing similar documents (same colors) in applications other than Publisher - no color problems.

I've tried recreating the file in Publisher from scratch - same color problem.

I'm not sure what else to do. The Canon representatives say it has nothing to do with their hardware or software, and that some other software issue is causing the problem. Since the colors print fine in applications other than Publish, I can only surmise that the software issue is with Publisher itself.

So I'm wondering if anyone's ever experienced colors being off when printing from Publisher or has any suggestions on what I might try.
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