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Default VBA Access and Image Magick - Not working!


I am trying to work with imageMagick and VBA Access -
I registerd the ImageMagickObject.dll and put it in the VBA Library

I get this error warning : 429 Cannnot create object through activex component

My Code:

Dim img As New ImageMagickObject.MagickImage
Dim path As String
Dim output As String
Dim RetVal As Object

Sub tests()
path = "C:\Users\ged\Desktop\PDF VBA\PrivatRente.pdf"
output = "C:\Users\ged\Desktop\PDF VBA\PrivateRente2.pdf"

'Set img = New ImageMagickObject.MagickImage
img.Compare (path)
RetVal = img.Convert(path, output)

Set img = Nothing
End Sub
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