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Default Vertical Text Alignment with Adjacent Columns

I have the task of writing meeting minutes and I followed the format that is standard across the company. This format consists of two columns: the left column are for the meeting items, and then the "action required" comments written in the adjacent column to the right to correspond to the items. All of these are within the same rows.

What I will do is type in the items, and then type in the comments on the right. The problem is that when I have to edit the items, I have to manually add or delete lines to make the comments align with their corresponding items. I usually do not have a problem to look at this carefully and manually arrange this myself. However, the word file is then sent to the managers who will edit the files and not realize that the items and comments are not properly aligned.

A potential solution I have for this is to create invisible rows for each items and comments. But I have a lot of them and it might take me a bit of extra time to do it this way. I am wondering if there are better solutions.
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