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Default Objective: Automatically export email text,attachment text to DB friendly format


These are the objectives I'm having difficulty achieving, and any assistance would substantially help bypass these roadblocks and be greatly appreciated.

Overall Objective: To create an email address which, upon a new email message, automatically processes the email. Processing includes opening email, copying text/printing email to pdf/exporting text to an "access friendly format", opening an attached word document (.doc)
, printing to pdf/exporting text to an "access friendly format" and a pdf file, copying text/exporting to an "access friendly format".

Manually, I've found that converting the email & attachments to pdf before copying text maintains the formatting which is critical to the documents maintaining their integrity. However it has become a requirement that this process be entirely automative so I think we can sacrafice some formatting at this point. Any suggestions regarding compatable formatting between programs would be greatly appreciated as well. When attempting to enable the add in to share data between access and outlook, I get the error message stating that the installation file is invalid/corrupt. I understand this is an outlook forum, so I shall refrain from any further Access related inquiries, but this roadblock has forced me to search for a work around.

For some reason my developer tab does not show up within Outlook. I've followed the steps suggested, and it does not work. I've found the VBA code for exporting email and attachments to excel, however I am unsure how to generate a macro from within Outlook. Is there a better way to do this that I have overlooked?

In my infinite wisdom, have failed to verify that this is possible. Can this be done?

I appreciate all feedback,

Thank you much

Note: I am beyond green regarding VBA script, Outlook in general, POP3/IMAP servers and so forth.
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