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Default Footnotes/Citations not superscript


I'm using Word 2016. For some reason, when I utilize the References-> Insert Footnote tool, the citation itself, as well as the footnote, have ceased to appear superscripted, although if I go into the font dialogue box, the 'superscript' option is still checked. Unchecking the superscript option merely makes the citation appear larger but does not change its position relative to the rest of the text. Attempting to raise the position of the font of the citation in question (through the advanced tab in the font dialogue box) just adds whitespace above the entire line, and does not raise the citation.

I've attempted to modify the 'footnote reference' font style, to no avail - it acts as though it is already superscripted. I uninstalled and reinstalled Word, and this solved the issue for a day. But this morning, after having turned the computer off overnight, the problem is back. This glitch even shows up in documents I wrote before this behavior occurred (i.e. if I open a document written months ago, it now displays with the defective citations).

One workaround is to lower the position of all of the other text (i.e. everything except the citation), but this is clunky and not a long-term solution.

One thing to note: I work for an organization with branches all over the world. I end up opening Word documents created by people with all sorts of default languages and formatting. Is there any chance that this is a citation style from a different language setting that is somehow overwriting my defaults?

I use citations in virtually every document I create. Please help!
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