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Default Get the right language when inserting a date

I make a merge document (to use with CRM Dynamics) which contains a date when this document was made (and may not change when opening the nex day).

So I go to Word 2016 --> Insert tab --> Text group --> Quick parts menu and then click Field.

I choose the CreateDate and in the list "22 maart 2017" (Dutch for March 22 2017".

In the document in will appear as "22 maart 2017".

The fieldcode is CREATEDATE \@ "d MMMM yyyy".

When I save this document and use it to merge with other records in CRM, it will show as "22 March 2017"

How can I get this date to be published as Dutch?

The File --> Options --> Language is set to Dutch.

I use a Dutch version of Word 2016 and the menu etc is shown in Dutch, only this date after merging is set to English.

Anyone an idea what setting is wrong?

Kind regards,

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