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Default Word & Excel 2010 - Best Options To Auto Insert MySQL & Excel Data?


I'm trying to figure out the best way to merge a TON of data into a custom template in word. The templates are 30-100 pages in length, and certain fields in the word template could have 1-2 pages of information inserted - so need to ensure the data fields can hold a large amount of information. There will likely be more than 100 fields to be filled in in the template as well.

The data would have to come primarily from 2 sources - MySQL (for data that is scraped automatically from numerous data sources on the web to be inserted into both Excel & Word) and excel (which would likely be used in tables, to produce charts, etc - and that would be inserted into Word).

I'm not sure where to begin? It seems like this might be too heavy duty for mail merge? Should I consider incorporating Access 2010 to house the data? I prefer MySQL just because I've used it in the past for web scraping.

Thanks for any help!!
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