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Default Integrating Bill Of Materials (BOM)

I'm creating an engineering project for building a machine. The machine is composed of parts and components grouped into assemblies and sub-assemblies. My project is capturing the build process at the 'build assembly' level. I have resources (workers) assigned to assemble or build individual parts, but my question is: is there a way I can integrate my bill of materials into my project? I'd like a task (which is build this assembly) to list the part/component associated with the assembly. Some of those parts/components have attributes with them, like needs to be made, bought out of house, Solidworks drawing number, etc. My first thought is to treat parts like Resources and list them as 'Materials'. I've made a custom Resource View and called it BOM.

tldr: Has anyone integrated a Bill of Materials (BOM) into their project? Do you have any helpful strategies?
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