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Default Anyone know of communication management solutions for Microsoft Word?

Many large corporations have some kind of communications management solution that assist them with tracking correspondence and notes between the company and external points of contact. The solution many use is much like a customer relationship manager but without the sales functions and other unneeded modules. Many times a case number is assigned to each communication they send or receive which almost seems like it's legal industry software or help desk software to some degree.

I send out a lot of correspondence and communications and relying on email folders and file managers with a manual tracking system is becoming egregious. Preferably I am looking for open source or gnu software first, or commercial software second, that would allow me to manage and effectively keep track of every document I send.

I guess I could in theory design a database solution that might allow these functions but the development time would be redundant if one already exists. Maybe someone can point me in the right direction. This can be a standalone desktop solution, a self-hosted or centrally hosted solution, or an add-on component for something like Chrome.
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