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Default Inbox Repair Tool not running AS SCANPST wants SCNPST32.DLL?

Inbox Repair Tool not running AS SCANPST wants SCNPST32.DLL??

Solution found
Just copy the outlook.pst file to flash stick and repair it on another PC which has the scanpst program!!

Thanks for you advice

Help with repairing my outlook.pst file

I have windows XP and MS Outook 2002

I think the outlook.pst file has been corrupted with maybe being to large
261,600 Kb

I get the error below when trying to open it.

But the main problem is I cannot run the Inbox repair tool as suggested.

I have found this and run it but get a dll not found error.

“…Because SCNPST32.DLL was not found. Re installing the application may fix

How can I re install scanpst? I have tried re down loading it from the web
but to no avail

Or how do I download the missing DLL So that scanpst can run and I can have
an attempt at recovering my emails!

Thanks for your time


MS outlook error

Unable to display the folder. Microsoft Outlook could not access the
specified folder location. Errors have been detected in the file C:\Documents
and Settings\Michael\Local Settings\Application
Data\Microsoft\Outlook\Outlook.pst. Quit all mail-enabled applications, and then use the Inbox Repair Tool
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