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Default Resource Reports not showing Sub project Resource group hours

I need to create a report that shows “work” or “remaining work” across time at a resource group level. The visual report works correctly on each individual project (as per image 1). I have created a master template & assigned several sub projects to this.

However when trying to view the cumulative hours across a resource group across sub projects in a master, I am unable to create the report when filtered on the relevant level. (image 3)
The number of hours that appears in the field “Remaining Work” is correct at a Resource Group level – ie – it adds the hours per resource within the relevant resource group. Plus when broken down a resource level, the hrs are shown (image 2)

However when I filter this over time, at a group level no hours are calculated?

I have tried using a Resource Pool & by just using a master Document & copying the resource names each time, so the naming conventions are common, both show the correct figures, but when they are filtered at a task level in the sub project version – the data is blank?

Thank you for your help
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