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Default Selecting specific text out of a series of columns

I have a set of data that looks something like this, but is much, much longer:
-0.799, -3.840e-7
-0.798, -3.793e-7
-0.797, -3.759e-7
-0.796, -3.723e-7
-0.795, -3.670e-7
-0.794, -3.655e-7
-0.793, -3.642e-7
-0.792, -3.616e-7
-0.791, -3.595e-7
-0.790, -3.578e-7
-0.789, -3.551e-7
-0.788, -3.535e-7
I need to select only the left column, but can't without also selecting the right column. I could go through the data and individually delete each entry in the right column until I was left with only the left column, but the columns go on for about 25 pages, so that would be very tedious. Is there anyway to only select only the left column? Can this be done in Excel?
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