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Default How to import bibliography DATA (not a bibliography itself) into Word's built-in reference tool

Hi all,

I recorded a video with my issue:

If you prefer text:

I have a client who wants to use Word's citation tool to insert citations while she types her thesis.

Her library of references is currently in Endnote (I created this by extracting source info from a group of PDFs that she sent). So now I need to get the Endnote library into Word's built-in bibliography tool, with full data for each source so that she can "insert" the citations into her running text using Word's insert-citation tool.

Please note that I am not just trying to export an Endnote bibliography and paste it into word (that is easy). What I am trying to do is import the entire library because she is still writing her thesis and needs to be able to insert the citations as she goes.

Microsoft tech support and Endnote tech support were unable to solve this. I'm not sure if it is solvable, as maybe it's simply that I have no way of easily creating and Endnote file that can be read by Word to import the entire bib data. Other workarounds, such as installing the Endnote plugin into Word, will not work for my client's situation.

I have Endnote x7 and Word 2016 for PC.

Any ideas are welcome--thank you!

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