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Question Showing a Task Start Date Slip

For starters, I have MS Project 2010....
Question - I have laid in the rough elements/tasks for a new, and still very fluid Project. Most of the individual tasks are not linked to any other tasks at this point because of the fact that it is so fluid. Wouldn't make any sense and would be a waste of effort...
With that said however, I want to essentially "lock in" the dates for all of these tasks as they were originally provided by all of the participants of the Project. I need this so that when Party "B" later advises the projected start date of their action has slipped 2 weeks, I will be able to show the original "soft" commit date and now the new date.
All of the tasks are inter-related, but not yet linked in MS Project. They will eventually be linked up once everything settles down - but I need any change in projected date be visually/readily identifiable to all Participants so that they can readily discern for themselves that a change in date has occurred in one of the Project tasks.
How do I do that?
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