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Default Merge Fields, Pictures and output to email (with attachment)

I have a need to do the following:
Send a unique email to multiple recipients. This email will have different information for each recipient based on info in an excel spreadsheet.
One of the unique items is a picture (.jpg).
This email must also have an attachment (which is the same for all recipients)

Here is what I have done so far.

Using MS Word & Mail Merge, I have created the body of my email message along with the unique data fields.
I have also been able to add unique .jpg using the following method:

I can complete the mail merge and wind up with the correct information for each record in one Word doc. I then have to CTRL A --> F9 to update the .jpg for each record (as directed in the above link)...but this is as far as I can get. I now copy and paste this info from the word doc into a .msg file I have created to send each email individually. As you can imaging, this is a tedious process especially with the number of recipients I have. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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