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Default Outlook not sending manual emails-

Strange issue--Outlook sends all email when asked - EXCEPT manually generated email never gets to the ISP -- EXCEPT if I test the connection via the internal change function, it works fine (at least it says so and I rcv the email sent - I assume it goes all the way to the ISP and back).

This appears to have started when a suspicious email was opened. The resident virus scanner is Webroot. Two virus scanners (VipreRescue and Malwarebytes) picked up 3 serious threats and 23 others. It did not fix the problem. Apparently, something was changed in the registry - BUT WHAT????????????

Outlook shows the emails as sent in the sent folder. If I reply to an email, it bounces back as not a recognized address. Using email via the web works fine.

SO, it is not an ISP issue. Email is rcvd just fine & IE works fine so it is not a connection issue. The configured email pop and smtp addresses are correct - it wouldn't end up in the sent folder or rcvd if they were not.

This has spread to 3 out of 4 computers in the office (2 XP and one Vista) so it is not a system issue. All are connected via a router and I don't know how a virus could change something in the router - but if so what.

turned webroot off on one system and it did not help.

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