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Talking To post a file or screenshot use the Go Advanced button

If, in posting a question or response, you want to attach a screenshot from your computer or attach a sample file showing the problem or solution, use the Go Advanced button underneath the window in which you are typing.

Then, click on the paper clip icon on top of the window that becomes available.
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A dialog box will appear.

Choose the file or the image that you want to attach to the post and tell the forum to Upload it, then close the Window.


When posting screenshots, try to not make them too wide. Wide screenshots make it difficult to read your post because it runs off the screen. The post becomes as wide as your image even if your image extends off the screen. See this post for an example. This messes up the wrapping of your text and moves the "Quote" button off the screen. On my screen, at least, images more than 1200 pixels wide become a problem.

You can, instead, either capture a portion of your screen to show what you need, or shrink the size of the image in an editing program. Most image capture methods allow for cropping and resizing. Another method is to use a floating Word window so that the original is smaller but can still show the Ribbon/menus various panes, and document content.

Placing an Image in the text of your post rather than at the end.
Once you have an image file uploaded, you can use the little drop-down to select that image for insertion at a given point in your post, as has been done in this post.

When added in a separate paragraph, the paragraph can be left-or-right justified or centered, also in the advanced editor. Clicking on "Manage Attachments" returns you to the dialog box that allows adding or removing additional attachments.

Files demonstrating your problem:

Often a screenshot will be ambiguous and a Word file is required. Please post an excerpt from your problem file, still showing the problem. You can substitute "lorem ipsum" text for your text if you want or otherwise purge the document of proprietary or confidential information. See Why a sample file is important for troubleshooting. How to do it. for more ideas on "cleaning up" a sample. (That article is for a different forum where there is no provision to attach a file directly in the forum, so ignore the part about saving in a cloud location and posting a link.)

Follow the same process, using the paper clip icon and attach your sample Word document file.

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