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Default File items not working in all Office's (save and loading)

Hi all,

In Microsoft office (word, excel etc.) under file most of the icons (such as save, load etc.) do not work at all. I click them with no response. This makes it impossible to save any document. I had the issue with office 2007 and now I have office 2010 from the free upgrade and it has the same issue. I have even tried saving by closing the program but when I click yes to save it just returns to the document without saving or closing. In itunes also, the file menu is broken leaving me unable to backup libary or import songs the usual way (dragging still works). This shows it isn't just office.

This is another issue which may/maynot be related. I get no response when trying to download ANYTHING in google chrome. It just doesn't work even after a reinstall. It works in IE and so I use that and it even works fine in an IE Tab in google chrome (using the extension).
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