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Default Rules for when a long word should be split

I'm trying to understand for when Word will split a very long line of text in the presence of an image

My document contains an anchored image on the right of the page but with a small gap between its right hand edge and the right margin. Right indent = 0 and distance from text for image = 0.

If I start typing a very long word up to the image's left border then Word will either split the word or decide to place the text on a line below the image dependent on the size of the gap described above. For example if I move the image so that the gap between right hand edge and right margin is less than about 1/2cm then the text is split. Any greater than the text is automatically moved below the image. The size of the gap when split occurs or not appear doesn't appear to depend on the size of the right margin.

Any clues to the rules Word is using would be appreciate, thanks in advance. Peter.

So using '-' to correspond to white space then either get: -------------V- right margin here


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx image

or B)

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx

NB There are no spaces between any of the 'x' characters, for some reason it just appears so in this posting
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