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Default Mail Merge truncating 'some' of the text fields......Not sure what to do

Hello all,
i have an excel sheet that i'm using to create 50 or so word documents. some of my text cells in excel are getting truncated (at 256 characters) once brought into word. however, some cells with a thousand or more characters are 'not' getting truncated! bizzare!
i did a google search and found that i need to get the windows 2000 service pack 1 to increase the limit to 50k. but i have windows 2007 on XP! can't get the windows 2000 service pack1! and i already have the latest service pack for 07 anyway.

Any thoughts? I'd greatly appreciate your help.

ps. i've tried opening the excel "via DDE" but i get an error that says windows encountered a problem and has to close.
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