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Default How to change size / shape of a shape in a stencil

Hi, I'm pretty new to Visio and climbing the learning curve as fast as I can. I've created a stencil with a number of rectangles with different colors and rounded corners. I'd like to change the size of the shape when I drag it into a drawing. I've tried right clicking / Edit Master / Edit Master Shape, and using the Shape Sheet to change the Page Width and Page Height. I saved the changes and closed the file, then re-opened it. Now when I right click on the shape in the stencil and repeat those steps, it shows the new dimensions consistently. But when I drag the shape into a diagram, it still comes in as the old size.

Is there a way to edit the size and shape of a shape in a stencil without dragging it into a drawing, resizing it, putting it back in the stencil, deleting the first version, and renaming the new one? And, if there is, is it possible to do that collectively to several shapes at once?

Any guidance would be much appreciated, as I said, I'm pretty new to Visio!
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