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Default Personal Macro Workbook Does Not Load

I posted this in the Excel Programming forum yesterday but there have been no responses, so re-posting here.

Windows 7, MO 2013

My Personal.xlsb wkbook (PWB) does not load when I start Excel or open another Excel file, making the macros in the PWB unavailable. Here is what I have tried:

1. View>Unhide is grayed out

2. File>Options>Add-Ins>Disabled Items>Go shows nothing disabled

3. Other Excel Options:
Trusted Locations: "Disable all Trusted Locations" is NOT checked.
Trusted Documents: "Disable Trusted Documents" is NOT checked.
Add-ins: No checkboxes are checked.
Macro Settings: “Disable all macros with notification” is checked. "Trust access to the VBA project object model" is checked.

4. File>Options>Trust Center>Trusted Center Settings>Trusted Locations>Add new location. I tried adding the location of the Personal.xlsb file, but I get a message the location “has already been added.”

5. Lastly, I tried the following:
C>Users>me>AppData>Roaming>Microsoft>Excel>XLSTAR T >deleted the Personal workbook and created a new file with the same name, recorded a macro and closed. I then opened a new workbook but the macro in Personal is not available, and View>Unhide is grayed out. If I then open the Personal workbook using File>Open, the macro in the Personal wkbook becomes available in any other open workbook. But the Personal workbook will still not load on its own “behind the scenes” when initially opening another file or the program.

Completely out of ideas. Help!?