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Originally Posted by Charles Kenyon View Post
Remember, Word was created to put words on paper. While there may be good reasons for underlining web urls on paper, there is virtually no reason to do so with a hyperlink to a bookmark. That is what a cross-reference to a heading is.

I can certainly understand wanting special formatting, though, if you are using the document as a pdf or in Word form and not on paper.

To find a field, you have to have field codes displayed. Alt+F9

When I tried this in Word 2010, I could not get a single underline to work, but a double-underline did. Replacing with the hyperlink style did no add any underlining.

First, I don't agree with you that it is useless to format Cross-Reference on a printed document. Web hyperlink stand-out on a printed document even without any formatting.
Also, Cross-Reference formatting can be ignored during printing.

Regarding the "Replace", I tried several options in the "Find What" box but nothing was found, so of course no formatting was done.

I'm on Office 2013.

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