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Default Rounding Up or Down depending on Start & End time

I have a spreadsheet that I use to Input a Start Time and End Time in one column and the decimal value to that time in another column.
This is what I use for getting the total hours per day:=IF(D2="","",D2-C2) Pretty simple.
This is what I use to get the Decimal value total hours per day: =IF(D2="","",HOUR(E2)+MINUTE(E2)/60)
My problem is how to round up or down based on the "Conversion Table - Minutes to Decimal Hour". This is a table 1 thur 60 with the decimal value .02 thru 1.0
Lets say your Start time is 7:00 am and End time is 4:11 pm which is 9 hours 11 minutes or (9 hours .18 decimal minutes) which would roundup because its closer to 4:15 than 4:00.. Each 15 minutes which ever is closer.
Don't know if I can post the "Conversion Table" with this post. It is a common table on the internet.
Thanks so much for any help!!!
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