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Mary Sauer
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Default Re: Publisher open file error

If nothing in the following article helps, then you are probably right, the file is
hosed... Is the file on your hard drive?
How to troubleshoot a damaged publication in Publisher;en-us;198256

Mary Sauer MSFT MVP
"bek" <> wrote in message
Upgrated a user to Publisher 2003 (SP2) from Publisher2002(SP3). Now
get this message: "Publisher cannot open this file. This file may
have been corrupted during download."
Tried opening under Pub2002, crashes the program.
I don't think it is a version problem because other PC's with Pub2003
can open old and new pub files. There was not a problem when this
file was last saved... however maybe it is just plain hosed.
Did not find any reference at MS, or any web or forum searches to the
above error message. Any ideas or is this user's file unrecoverable?
(FYI - not using Norton AV etc... already tried KB article on
recovering pub files...)
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