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Default Did something happen to Paint?

I've used Paint for 20 years to capture screenshots for documentation. Always always always the image you paste into Paint has been the same as the image you copy in size and resolution.

It still seems to be that way for actual screenshots, but when I copy an image from Outlook or Word and paste it into Paint, it shrinks and gets blurry. (I confirmed that the person who captured the Outlook images was using Print Screen and not Snag-it, which makes images blurry).

So now I have to copy the image from Outlook into Word, and then do a screenshot before I paste it into Paint for cropping. I can't copy straight from Outlook to Paint anymore or the image shrinks by about 25% and the quality goes down.

Paint is one of those programs that never gets upgraded (once in 20 years, as I recall), so I'm stumped. Did it get an upgrade? What changed with it? Or is it Outlook that's the culprit? Is something happening to images that come to me through Outlook that resizes them to 75% when I paste them into Paint?

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