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Old 02-22-2010, 09:57 PM
stlsmiln stlsmiln is offline Windows 7 Office 2007
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Unhappy Captions and Figures Inside a Frame...RIDICULOUS MS hasn't developed a solution!!!


Scenario: Document in Word 2007 with many images, tables and charts. At least a 1/3 of the figs/tbls are small and therefore need to "float" so that text can be wrapped around them. Every fig/tbl needs a caption, a source, and some may have additional information attached to them. It's a long document so there is a TOC, but the caption is the only part that needs to make it to the TOC. I would like the figs/tbls to be on the right adjacent with the right margin. do I get the caption and other associated information to move with the fig/tbl?

Captions won't be read if I put them in text box. So I'm trying to use frames, but every element within the frame (figure, caption, source, and add. info) has a different format style. The problem is that I need the frame to have a border box, but any border assigned to the frame actually winds up on the frame AND each of the individual elements in the frame, which isn't right and looks ridiculous.

Can anyone please help me so I can move on to actually finishing this very long document. I've been trying to resolve this problem for 6+ hours.

Thanks to ALL in advance
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Old 02-23-2010, 01:13 AM
zyzzyva57 zyzzyva57 is offline Windows 7 Office 2007
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  1. Place the picture "In line with text,"
  2. Add the caption in a separateparagraph,
  3. And then wrap a frame around both of them;

This keeps them together

You'll find the Insert Frame command on the Developer tab: In the Controls group, click the Legacy Tools button, and then click Insert Frame (under "Legacy Forms").

The only tricky part about that is the difficulty of accessing the Frame command in Word 2007. If you have the Developer tab displayed, you can find it in the Legacy Forms palette. Once you know what it looks like (assuming you'll be using it a lot), your next step is to find it in the Customize dialog (you'll find it listed as Insert Horizontal Frame in the All Commands list) and add it to the QAT.
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Old 02-23-2010, 02:15 AM
stlsmiln stlsmiln is offline Windows 7 Office 2007
Join Date: Feb 2010
Posts: 2
stlsmiln is on a distinguished road

I appreciate the reply but that doesn't solve my problem. I'm sorry, I must not have been clear...I have already been using the insert frame command (and I do have it ready to go on Quick Access if ever I get it figured out), but it doesn't work. This is what I've been doing over and over again expecting a different outcome:

  1. Insert the image/tbl/fig and make sure it is "inline with text"
  2. Insert caption by right clicking on the image/tbl/fig
  3. Remove said caption from the text box that Word auto puts it it's in its own paragraph
  4. Record the source in another paragraph (has it's own style)
  5. Add any additional information (also has it's own style)
  6. Highlight all of the above and insert frame
  7. At that point we're all good...until I want to put a border around the frame...
  8. At that point what I have is box borders around each of the above individually with an additional box border around the whole frame.
I've made sure that none of the enclosed styles have borders of their own, but as soon as I put a border on the frame I get tons of boxes. So given that, do you have any ideas? I REALLY appreciate your help.
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captions, figures, table of figures

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