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Old 08-03-2017, 05:21 AM
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Default Parallel questions, multiple outcomes, which gateway to use?

First time using Visio, had an introductory tutorial yesterday in regards to swim lanes, basic connectors / gateways etc. but I'm confused as to how to construct my first flowchart. All examples I've found of XOR, OR and AND gateways do not apply to my query. It's work based so unfortunately I can't upload the actual file and will need to use generic examples to demonstrate my point.

I have two swim lanes, separated by department. Each department has the same question running parallel to each other which will then come back together in a variety of outcomes, the outcome of each are yes/no, therefore the combination of answers is as follows. yes/yes, yes/no, no/yes, no/no.

Which gateway do I use and how do I lay out this flowchart? I originally had four stems coming from each question (2x yes, 2x no) but that got messy, so now I've got one yes and one no coming from each question, each leading into an OR gateway, with two separate connectors coming from each OR (totalling 4), but I don't think this is the correct way to do it. Someone advised me to have each combination come together in an AND gateway but any way I do it, I'm left with several connectors all crossing over each other and it doesn't look very professional.

If more detail or description is needed, please ask.
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