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Old 02-12-2018, 08:25 PM
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Default How can i show client delays

Good day everyone!
I'm a novice user of Project, and i have problems with clients causing delays, and i wish to show this(if you agree this is the place to do it), within my ghantt chart for client, consultant and contractor to see this,,for my endgame of protecting my interests to illustrate the delays don't come from my end(contractor) and to eventually raise a claim for extending the project, thereby extending my costs to my contractors.

Example: In a fit-out venture, the client agreed to supply the lighting, and on my created time schedule, all parties agreed to my project plan timeline. So on my scheduled time, i set up scaffolding to a 15meter height scaffold, the client delayed the lighting delivery to the entire project, and increased my scaffolding rental time, increased my labor costs, which in turn delayed my painters schedule etc etc.

Can i illustrate this lost time due to client in my ghantt chart?? and how??

Thank you, all!
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Old 02-16-2018, 04:50 PM
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To an extent, it depends what Contract you are on for the work, as this can determine the way that the programme should be presented. Most fo my work tends to be NEC 3, and so I'll go down that route. It should be fairly similar for most other contracts.
If you have notified the client of the delay, use the reference number on the form you notified on - this means its easy to reference at a later date. you have two choices for how to actually show the delay, either as a separate summary bar for delays, or just plug it in where it happened- again, see what the client wants.
Either way, you need to put in a new item, or items, for teh delay. In this case I would put in a notification date (when you told them it happened) and then, if you want to keep it simple, a delay bar.

Included a piccy of the description below, which should help understand what I mean (its a lot harder to describe than do!)
from your description I guess that you put scaffold up, then had the delay, then continued with the work. In this case i suggest you copy the scaffolding task and insert it straight under the old one. decrease the duration of the top bar to the point here the delay occurred, and put the remaining time as the duration of the lower one (so if you had 5 days of scaffold, and the delay occured after 2 days, the upper bar would be 2 days and the lower 3. then inser task called "client delay" or whatever you want to cal it between them and link all 3 together.
this will push the finish date out, assuming there is delay, or show the additional time for scaffolding. Either way, it gives you an acceptable way to show the delay.
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