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Old 04-20-2017, 01:53 PM
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Default VBA Update Excel info in running Presentation

I have two slides - each with a linked Excel Object. I open the Excel file - then PPt and start Kiosk Presentation.
If the excel file updates - the PPt was not updating.
I found a VBA how to:
in Class Module "clsEvents" I have:
Public WithEvents PPTEvent As Application

Sub PPTEvent_SlideShowNextSlide(ByVal Wn As SlideShowWindow)
   Dim objSld As Slide, shp As Shape

   Set objSld = Wn.Presentation.Slides(Wn.View.CurrentShowPosition)

   For Each shp In objSld.Shapes
      If shp.Type = msoLinkedOLEObject Then
      End If
      Next shp

End Sub
In Module I have:

Option Explicit

Dim app As clsEvents

Sub SetUpEvents()

    Set app = New clsEvents
    Set app.PPTEvent = Application

End Sub
This will update - but the slide does not advance without click after that. I need the preset timings to keep working - I tried to Advance to next slide - but it flickers back and forth.
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