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Old 07-18-2018, 02:13 PM
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Exclamation button "clear format", etc; anchors, functions and properties of OpenType, negative width of symbol?

Hi, all,
prompt, please,
1) are there a font or .ttf-file with all alphabets, or with many of them, in which letters have identical height instead of one alphabet more higher, another more lower (arial unicode, and another "unicodes" have no such property) ? i.e. if i wrote article with phrases on different languages (e.g. english, tibetian, birmanese, yi), have i a chance to see a text with garmony of alphabets?

2) which features of font specify, that button "clear format" in Word kill one alphabet (changing letters by empty rectangles) and dont kill another alphabet?
3) how OS (or Word?) choose, which font from several national fonts is base? e.g. base font of document is Callibri; phrase by devanagari can be visialized by fonts Aparajita, Kokila, Mangal, Utsaah, but indian text become Mangal in Word at pressing button "clear font" (this font is not first at sorting by name ) - because which properties just this font is chosed from all ?

also, can you prompt just about font construction
4) in which alphabets (arabic, urdu, etc, hebrew, tibetian , birmanese, thai) diacretic marks are made by (4.1) negative width of yard-of-letter (kegel place)? in which by (4.2) anchors? in which by (4.3) OpenType-functions and properties?

5) if width of yard-of-DIACRETIC (kegel place) is negative and is equal of width of previous symbol, then diacretic will lay on symbol. What will happen, if width of diacretic is negative, but is equal of half width of previous symbol?
6) what will happen, if height (instead of width) of diacretic is negative?
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Old 07-18-2018, 03:55 PM
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I would think you have come to wrong forum to ask these questions. I don't know of many international typographers or TTF type designers on this forum. I would recommend you do a search for more typography-centric forums (maybe starting with and branching out from there.

However, I can say that the "Clear Format" button in Word does not kill an alphabet. Rather you are changing the typeface from whatever it was, to the typeface used by the Normal style. If you changed it back to the original typeface, the empty rectangles would return to the characters they were. This would tell you that the character set of the two typefaces cover different ranges.

And the base font of a document often depends on the document theme applied to it. Do document themes change when languages are changed in a document - I'm mono-lingual so it hasn't ever been something I have needed to consider.
Andrew Lockton
Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia
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