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Old 12-07-2016, 11:32 AM
sunnyimran sunnyimran is offline Windows 10 Office 2013
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Default Transition from OneNote-2010 to OneNote-2013, how?

Hi everyone

One of my system had office 2010 SP2. From that system OneNote 2010 I have a lot of data approx. 3.5 GB in my Notebooks created over time. Its store location was changed to store everything to my D:\ modified the paths via File > Options > Save & Backup in OneNote 2010 such that:
Default notebook location for OneNote 2010:
"D:\My OneNote Notebooks\Default Notebook Location"

OneNote 2010 cache:
"D:\My OneNote Notebooks\OneNote-Cache"

Backupt folder for OneNote 2010 notebooks
"D:\My OneNote Notebooks\Backup Folder"
Backup freq was set to 1 day with two backup copies to keep

Then I clean installed Windows 10 Pro (previously it had Windows 7) and also installed OFFICE-2013 on this new machine instead of Office 2010.

Now I need to use my earlier Onenote 2010 notebooks with new OneNote 2013. I tried to change the default store location in onenote 2013 just as I did in OneNote 2010. But I am facing a problem. Problem is coming in Cache folder and since OneNote always use cache and does not work without it, OneNote 2013 is not using my OneNote 2010 cache folder. problem is like this:

Onenote 2010 default cache file path:
"D:\My OneNote Notebooks\OneNote-Cache\" ( My selected path )

D:\My OneNote Notebooks\OneNote-Cache\14.0 (OneNote 2010 created folder 14.0 itself)

Problem When I changed Onenote 2013 default cache file path to:
"D:\My OneNote Notebooks\OneNote-Cache\" (the old path to OneNote 2010 cache)
OneNote 2013 creates a new folder '15.0' there and uses it for its cache. So path for OneNote 2013 becomes
"D:\My OneNote Notebooks\OneNote-Cache\15.0" (OneNote 2013 created folder 15.0 itself)

and OneNote 2013 starts to use cache from folder "........\15.0"
So basically there are two folders 14.0 and 15.0 under my selected path. 14.0 was used by OneNote 2010 cache and 15.0 is being used by OneNote 2013 cache.

Onenote 2013 having new cache means all my previous work that was saved in folder 14.0's cache is not appearing in onenote 2013 as it should and instead most OneNote 2010 notebooks are appearing blank. I am afraid to loose my work and also do not want to revert back to OneNote 2010 by installing it in parallel

One Scheme coming to my mind is that On a separate PC I copy all OneNote 2010 store folders and install OneNote 2010 there and open them there so at least I am back to previous situation. Then I export all notebooks one by one in onepackage files from inside that OneNote 2010. as discussed here:
What is an ONEPKG File?
Then carry these onenote packages into my onenote 2013 PC and import in here. that ways new cache of onenote 2013 will be populated from imported previous Notebooks.

But I am not clear about steps of this and Data in my Notebooks is far more important. Don't wanna loose it

Since I have upgraded to office 2013 and I am unable to work on my notebooks so just waiting to open them in onenote 2013 flawlessly without loosing data. Can't continue my work

Also I want to carry a couple of notebooks from my onenote 2010 repository to USB to use it between two systems, this one with OneNote 2013 and another old one with OneNote 2010.

can someone guide me through

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Old 12-11-2016, 08:50 AM
sunnyimran sunnyimran is offline Windows 10 Office 2013
Join Date: Dec 2016
Posts: 5
sunnyimran is on a distinguished road
Default Task done

OK guys I completed the task and results are as expected

I managed to open my actual notebooks 2010 in a separate instance of OneNote 2010 and from there I saved all notebooks in onepkg format one by one and then extracted them in onenote 2013 store locations. When opened inside onenote 2013 I got my onenote 2010 notebooks opened in onenote 2013 without problem.

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import from onenote, onenote 2010, onenote 2013

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