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Old 05-15-2016, 03:39 PM
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Default Move hyperlink destination to different page


Is there a way to move a hyperlink destination to a different page and maintain its function?

I've noticed that after using the right-click commands:
"Copy Link to Paragraph" to define a hyperlink destination, and
"Link..." to create the hyperlink,
…if the destination is then moved (copy/paste) to a different page or even a different position on the same page, the hyperlink no longer functions properly. In other words, it no longer links to that particular paragraph. Instead it links back to the original page and original location which was occupied by the destination when the link was created. This is the case even if the entire page (containing the destination) is moved to a different section (although it does remains functional if the page is only moved to a different position within the same section).

Is there a way (either with a setting or by modifying the hyperlink address) to alter this behavior so that a paragraph can be moved and continue to be the destination for its corresponding hyperlink(s)?

For example, suppose you create a hyperlink to a particular page (PageA) and then paste the link into many other pages so that PageA can quickly be accessed from any of them. However, suppose you then need to change the destination to a different page (PageB) or move PageA to a different section. Doing so will immediately render all of the links obsolete and I'm hoping to find a way to avoid that.

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