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Old 04-08-2015, 05:05 AM
Felrpi Felrpi is offline Windows 8 Office 2013
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Default Onenote: Manual sync not working


i got a new Dell Venue 8 Pro (64GB version).

I got the Onenote 2013 desktop application and the Onenote metro app.
I use both versions and want to sync the notebooks between them.

However the manual syn is not working. I just get an red cross next to my notebooks. Automatic sync is working without any problems.

I wouldnt have a problem with the automatic sync, but i think that it might consume quite a bit of battery to permanently upload the notebook, doesnt it?

Hope someone can help me to get manual sync to work.

Another small question: Was wondering how the sync works.
If i have 2 apps which are working on the same notebook.

App A writes "test1" into the notebook and App B writes "test2" into the notebook. Then both of them sync. I wonder what happens then. Does App A dowload the version of App B or is it the other way round?

So when i make changes at my notebook and press sync i want it to be uploaded obviously. And when i open another app which has an "older" version i want it to download the newer version. But how does the App know, that it doesnt upload the old version when i press sync?

Not really sure how it works at all.

Best regards
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Old 04-21-2015, 01:24 PM
themausman themausman is offline Windows 7 32bit Office 2013
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I would not worry about the automatic sync. You can set the battery option in OneNote options to consume less power while performing activities (advanced options)
For the second part of your question, this is done via pageversioning. That has some theory behind it. I wrote a blogpost about it and maybe it will give you some insights on how versioning is done in OneNote.
Have a look here:

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