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Old 03-15-2016, 04:52 AM
kirvin08 kirvin08 is offline Windows 7 64bit Office 2013
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Default InfoPath 2013 In a Repeating Section condition a field of a nested repeating section

I have two database connections

CDT which is pulling information in from an Access Database and
Main which is sending information into an Access Database as the user completes the form and submits it

I have a repeating section that contains my CDT connection (pulling data) fields
Standard ID:
Standard Text:

I then have another repeating section within the above section that contains check box fields from my Main connection (pushing data)
Process Documents
Procedures Documents
Goals Documents
OrgChart Documents

I want to condition each of the Main connection fields to show only when the Standard ID = <Whatever I specify> so that the check boxes show right below the specified standard
Process only show when Standard ID = "ABC123"
Procedures only show when Standard ID = "XYZ987"
Goals only show when Standard ID = "ABC123"
OrgChart only show when Standard ID = "JJJ777"

So when the user opens the form it should look something like this. <> is signfiying check box.

Standard ID: ABC123
Standard Text: This is a standard about organization
Citations: cf.458.35, gh.45.698

<>Process Documents
<>Goals Documents

Standard ID: XYZ987
Standard Text: This is a standard about procedures
Citations: cf.123.35

<>Procedures Documents

Standard ID: JJJ777
Standard Text: This is a standard about processes
Citations: gh.123.35, gh.478.897

<>OrgChart Documents

What's currently happening is when I make a condition rule for Process Documents and make the condition Standard ID is not equal to "ABC123" and select hide this control the Process Documents check box shows under each Standard ID as opposed to just showing under the one instance "ABC123". How can I get around this?
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