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Old 08-20-2018, 08:34 AM
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Default One letter for each person in a mergefield using VBA

Hello everyone. Once again, I am seeking your assistance.

I have a mergefield called SERVICES, with a number of persons listed with name and complete address. The list /field could be any number of persons from 1 to 20.
The mergefield could looks like this:
Mary Brown
123 Address One
City, State 12345

John Brown
234 Address Two
City, State 23456

Jack Brown
345 Address Three
City, State, 34567

One Two Three Association
456 Address Four
City, State 45678

The Alphabet Bank
567 Address Here
City, State 56789

I have a letter that I want to send to each person listed in my "SERVICES" mergefield.
I am not sure if I use "Do while" or "Loop" Or maybe some other method.

What do I want to Accomplish - From the list above, my outcome should have 5 letters. Each letter Should have one of the names and address from the SERVICES field.

EXAMPLE, one of the five letters would look something like this:

Mary Brown
123 Address One
City, State 12345

Dear Mary Brown:

This is a letter to advise you............


Bob Jones

How can I make this happen?
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Old 08-20-2018, 08:37 PM
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While you could work with such a list, it would make more sense to convert the list to a conventional merge data file, ideally in Excel, in the format below, than to re-invent the wheel to suit your data.

ForeName |Surname |Address1 |City |State |Zip
Mary |Brown |123 Address One |City |State |12345

Then it is a simple matter to use conventional mail merge to create your letters. Or if you want them as separate documents see or
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